Wendy Read

Textile Art


Thread Painting

Learn the art of painting with thread!  Learn how to use dissolvable stabilizers, as well as fabric, as the base for your new thread painted art!

Free Motion Quilting

Participants will practice a variety of free motion quilting designs, becoming comfortable with both established patterns, such as feathers and spirals, as well as improvisational stitching.

Art Quilt Embellishing

Participants in this workshop will explore the application of embellishments in quilt art, such as novelty yarns, fibers, fabrics and beads, to create fun art quilts that sparkle! 

Seminole Patchwork

Seminole Patchwork was created by the Seminole Indians of Florida to embellish their clothing.  The multitude of designs that they created can be used to create a lively, fun, and interesting quilt!

Participants will make several examples of Seminole Patchwork designs that can be made into a small quilt or table runner.

For additional workshop information, dates and costs, contact wendy@wendyread.com