Wendy Read

Textile Art


Luna's Ballet

Thread-painted and Free-Motion Quilted on commercial cotton fabric.

Photo by Terry Baker

Private Collection

art quilt, free motion quilting, thread painting
Rebirth: the Light at the End of the Tunnel
Rebirth: The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Hand-dyed and painted gauze; commercial fabric; thread-painted and free-motion quilted

Photo by Terry Baker

Textile art: thread painted on dissolvable stabilizer; free-motion quilted
Lincoln Gulch

Lincoln Gulch

Free-motion quilting; trees made by thread-painting on dissolvable stabilizer.

Photo by Terry Baker


The tree, leaves, and owl were thread-painted on multiple layers of tulle.  The moss was created by thread-painting on dissolvable stabilizer.

Dimensions: 30.5”H x 31”W

Photo by Terry Baker

It's Complicated: A Read Family History

Raw-Edge, Reverse Applique; photos printed on fabric

Private Collection


Commercial fabric and hand-painted stabilizer

Dimensions: 30" x 30"

Textile art; fiber art; hand-dye; hand-painted; free-motion quilting
Along the Waterfront
Along the Waterfront

Hand-painted and hand-dyed fabrics; free-motion quilting, beading

Dimensions: 24"H x 33.5W

Neptune Rising

Hand-dyed and commercial fabrics; free-motion quilted

Dimensions: 33"H x 35"W

Ol' Sol II

Raw Edge, Reverse Applique

Dimensions: 30"H x 15"W 

Hand-dyed and commercial fabrics; thread-painted

Dimensions: 25"H x 35"W

Carina Nebula

Ice-dyed fabric; free-motion quilting; beading

Salt Creek


140 Characters or Less

Hand-dyed fabrics, free-motion quilting

Dimensions: 21"H x 41.5"W

And the Tree Spoke

Dimensions: 32"H x 35.5"W


Late Summer Sunset

Dimensions: 39"H x 41"W